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Leah Harte – Glow Pilates

The Glow Pilates studio ethos is ‘Move well. Be well.’ They are dedicated to inspiring this in each of their clients – this means strong, flexible and efficiently aligned bodies in balanced harmony with our breath, minds and hearts

Music Generation Clare

Music Generation Clare is part of Ireland’s National Music Education Programme that transforms the lives of children and young people through access to high quality performance music education in their locality.

Michael O’Doherty

As a pioneer in the field of healthcare and best selling author with 28 years experience in guiding many, many people back to health I believe the time has come for change and family healthcare needs to become the centre of focus.

Aisling Griffin

Aisling Griffin is an award-winning Brand & Graphic designer. She has worked with a variety of businesses, from one team business owners right up to multi-national organisations.

Michael O’Doherty

Michael’s over-riding message is: your body is your business because only you can control which thoughts and feelings you allow into your brain, and those thoughts and feelings have been scientifically proven to significantly affect every cell in your body.

Liz Moloney

Liz Moloney created a resource that is tailor-made to help women to quickly overcome their current obstacles, and prepare them for anything the future might throw at them. 

National Hairdressing Apprenticeship

This website has been developed by Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board, the lead co-ordinating provider of the new National Hairdressing Apprenticeship.

Charlotte Keogh

Charlotte Keogh lives in Ireland with her husband, raising two children and teaching Pilates. She believes in the power of mindful movement and specialises in Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise, and Birth Preparation.

Breda’s site has a members area and connects to her email marketing platform

membership website builder

Breda Stack – Declutter Therapy™

Breda is founder of The Declutter Academy and International Declutter Day, author of Declutter Therapy and a regular media contributor. Breda’s site has a members area and connects to her email marketing platform.

Moiras sites contain online courses and members areas .

Moiras geary

Moira Geary

Moira Geary, The Recombobulator, is an ordinary woman with a rare and proven ability to help people achieve extraordinary results. Moira’s sites contain online courses and members areas.

Inspireland online shop
Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray – Inspireland

Inspireland are leading providers of secondary school poetry slam workshops and creative art summer camps in Ireland. Inspireland take website bookings for their summer camps and also publish an online poetry journal.

Your Bump room websites are based on the protected members areas.

Ailish Cleary from Your Bump Room

Ailish Cleary – The Bump Room

Your Bump Room is a comprehensive online pregnancy fitness programme designed and led by physiotherapists. Their websites are based on the protected members area format.

Rebecca takes appointments and payments through her website.

Rebecca Atkinson

Rebecca Atkinson – Homeopathy Gives Wings

Rebecca uses homeopathic remedies, simple healthcare tips and years of experience to help busy women stop feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and exhausted.

Online Course Platform marketing automation to keep her clients up to date.

Gertrude Lawler

Gertrude Lawler

Gertrude Lawler is a Natural Health Enthusiast and advocate of healing the mind and body with a “practical sense approach” which includes at its core reconnection with oneself through self-love, self-kindness and self-care.

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