Q&A about creating a website, online courses 
& membership sites on The Eva Platform

Need some help deciding?

If you can use a text editor, such as Microsoft Word, you can easily create content on The Eva Platform. Choose one of our starter websites with your course pages, posts, members’ area, images and shop already in place so you can immediately concentrate on your content. 

We can all achieve wonderful things with the right amount of time, patience and expertise. However, online business startup is notoriously challenging and your mission is to focus on your business. With The Eva Platform you do not need to waste time or energy or money becoming a WordPress guru, web developer, a web designer or an SEO expert. So why try? Just forget about the unnecessary and immerse yourself in your business.

No need to worry, we provide a Speedy Launch service for your website for a once off fee of €497*. Choose the right plan for you and add the Speedy Launch to your cart and we do the rest. Simple!

There are 3 stages to the Speedy Launch:

  1. Choose your starter website
  2. Send us a zip file with your website content: logo, colours, fonts, images and text content
  3. We will then provide the initial build for your website featuring 1 course page, 4 normal pages EG: Home, About, Blog (up to 3 blog posts) and Contact page

Once your website’s Speedy Launch Setup is complete we will then send you a link for review and hand creative control over to you once you’re happy with the results.

We try avoid tech jargon on The Eva Platform as best we can. We also know some setups can be more complex like online courses, members’ areas and shops. We want you to get the best out of your site with the minimum of stress. With us installing and setting up the plugins you can get straight to work and not worry about configuring things yourself so you can learn how to start a business online.

We research and update the platform constantly so you do not have to. Our support staff is always there to help you connect to any third party APP’s or payment gateways and support you in any way we can.

Help is what our support team does every day. Your questions will be answered quickly and thoroughly. We want you to achieve on our online platform so we promise you will not feel alone. Our videos and documentation are also fantastic so you also always have a database of resources just a click away. The Brand Academy is packed full with all the necessary user tools, techniques and information and you will learn how to tease out the appropriate approach for building a success business through our structured, step-by-step process that is founded on the right planning, research and commitment.

Your creativity is what moves you to build a strong and valuable online presence. The goal of The Eva Platform is simple. Take away the pain of the technical world and let people concentrate on their creativity.

Yes, you can cancel The Eva Platform subscription anytime and If you decide to leave we will package up your website pages and posts for you so you can import them to a standard Managed WordPress Installation.

As The Eva Platform’s design and flexible blocks code is unique to us, please note that any content or design specific to the platform will not be displayed on any other WordPress theme or platform.

Your content is valuable, and it takes a lot of time, effort, talent and skill to create. It is your intellectual property, and maybe even the foundation of your business. You can make your content available for download to paid members only very simply on The Eva Platform. This fantastic feature eliminates the likely risk of the URL to your content being shared for free.

On The Eva Platform you can store your files securely on our server or store your files in Amazon, making them easily-accessible anywhere in the world while preventing your users sharing the associated URL. Your videos can also be protected using the latest technologies that we’ve integrated into the platform, making them virtually impossible to download to a computer. So you can relax in the confidence that the knowledge you worked long and hard to build is safe and protected.

The Eva Platform combines all the essential online tools you need to create an one course & membership site. Instead of paying for countless services to achieve your goals, The Eva Platform provides all the functionality you need. With every tool on the same interface life becomes just so much easier. You will no longer need WordPress Hosting, Email Marketing tools, Landing page Apps, Course creation Apps, Membership protection plugins… the list goes on 

Over the years we have helped clients with little or no understanding of how to start an online business get to grips with what they need to know to be successful.

We also recognise that all software takes time to fully understand and that’s where having a support team with years of experience really comes into its own. We help and advise you every step of the way. Plus, our 40+ online support videos and our helpful user guides on your dashboard are a great day-to-day reference. When you need help you have only one place to go and you can be assured our support team has the answer for you in as quick a time as humanly possible!

The Eva Platform is a web application that you can use with any web browser and a connection to the internet. There is never any software to install or update.

You can build one website on our Essential Plan and up to two websites on our Business Plan. Each site has to be directly related to your business. Websites are strictly subject to sites associated to your products and services only and not for any third party.  Please contact support@theevaplatform.com for more information.

Yes, of course. You can point any domain you wish to your website. Our support will even manage the DNS for you at your domain provider if you wish.

The Eva Platform is built on a unique drag-and-drop block system. These blocks can be arranged or added to in either the frontend of your site or in the admin area.

Global blocks for common use are constantly updated and available on your website for insertion anywhere. This unique website builder also allows you to save any block you wish and use it again on another webpage or post.

We support most of today’s leading payment gateways including Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal, etc.

Yes. We always recommend using SSL with payment gateways to assure your potential buyers they are in safe hands. Once you supply your domain name we can do the rest for you.

There is currently no limit on the amount of bandwidth you can use. This is subject to a fair usage policy.

Telephone support proves to be ineffective in getting the right technical help quickly. Support over email allows us to send videos, screenshots and step-by-step instructions that help in ways that aren’t possible with the telephone.

When you succeed we succeed. That is why our team is there to help from the very start and on every step of your business journey. We build this online business platform in-house so we understand it intimately.

We can do this for you or we can send you step-by-step instructions, but this really should be a simple process.

Yes, you can sell physical products via The Eva Platform. There is also a full suite of shipping options available in your admin area.

No. You can get started with The Brand Academy straight away and decide on the Starter Website that’s most suited to you later. When you are ready to choose your Starter Website, all you need to do is fill out a form in the members area, and submit it to us along with your Initial Website Build content.

No. You can get started straight away and build your site. When you are ready to connect your domain it’s a simple as a click.

Your website is backed up every day. Your website content is secure with us.

We manage your website’s security and updates are applied as soon as they have passed testing on our development systems. This ensures your website is not susceptible to any vulnerabilities.

Of course if you do have some trouble we will remove it from your site immediately.

Please feel free to ask us anything at all by contacting us at support@theevaplatform.com

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