Build your online presence with love on The Eva Platform

We have built The Eva Platform with one very simple idea in mind; it should be easy and enjoyable to create a valuable online presence. Each technical element of your business, whether seen or unseen, should bring together and enhance the visual brand elements that you have been so inspired to create.


Powerful Performance


To ensure the best possible performance our servers run PHP 7 & PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) which dramatically speeds up the your website on the front end and in the admin area.


We constantly monitor the security of you site and immediately eliminate any problems should they arise. Enjoy the peace of mind that we have everything backed up and secured every day.


To ensure your website adapts to and looks great on every device including mobiles, tables and desktops, our platform creates Mobile Responsive HTML5 code. Built with the most-proven and widely-used technologies today, the platform uses Managed WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML5 and jQuery.


Bigger files like videos and other large documents can greatly affect the speed and performance of your website. The Eva Platform takes care of this worry for you, and with us you can avail of unlimited storage* for all your files and images.
*subject to fair usage


We help you avoid the stress, strain and uncertainty of updating your website forever. You never again have to worry about configuring or updating plugins, themes, WordPress or website security again. We install, configure and test all plugin, theme, WordPress and security updates locally before updating our live server.


To ensure the maximum flexibility of your website, advanced users and developers can easily customise every aspect of your website, including fonts, colours, layouts and navigation. For greatest convenience, CSS (a styling language for web pages) and JavaScript (a language that creates interactive effects within web browsers) can be added to the head of your website. You name it, you can change it.


Enjoy 40+ easy-to-understand tutorial videos.

Beautiful Design


Everything is broken down step-by-step in our amazing user guides that help you understand the whole process in a visual, interactive way.


You can decide whether to create your site from scratch, use the website starter packs or combine a mixture of both. The blocks are flexible and can merge together in various combinations, which allows you the freedom to create something unique and special to you.


Build beautiful website layouts using our unique drag-and-droppable content blocks and make your website completely individual. These blocks can be in any style you choose and can include sliders, banners, signup forms, accordions, image galleries, animated tiles, downloads and post selectors. We are constantly adding and updating these blocks to suit the trends of the modern web.


The Eva Platform adapts to your screen, from desktop to tablet to phone. The formatting of each page changes to the visitor’s screen size to ensure a great browsing experience. Your brand will come alive and shine on retina screens like a new iMac or iPhone.


You control your content and how it is displayed. You do this through our unique flexible blocks system by selecting a predesigned block or creating your own. If you like a content block you have created you can simply save it and add it to another page with one click. Every aspect of your site is changeable, from menus, widgets, footers and headers to fonts, colours and paddings.


Use our unique and beautifully-designed Starter Sites as the basis for your site so you can hit the ground running. Why start from scratch when these Starter Sites are prebuilt with pages, members’ areas, online shop creator and sales pages, all set up, connected and ready to go?


Everything on your website, including images, icons and fonts, can appear crisp on all screens.


Give your webpages that app-like feel of modern design. Select from a list of modern CSS3 animations to give your content visual impact as the visitor scrolls down. Choose specific transitions for each block to create a varied and engaging user experience as they scroll.


Enjoy selecting from a wide range of standard or Google fonts or add your own custom fonts, either self-hosted or from a font platform. Font Awesome is a web font containing all the icons from the Twitter Bootstrap framework, and many more, so you add beautiful icons simply within content areas without any constraints.


Indulge in your creativity by branding and designing every single component of your website to your personal tastes. Change the look and style of every individual project page with ease, including navigations. Upload normal and retina (high resolution and pixel density screen, e.g. the latest iPhone) versions of your brand to keep it looking pin sharp no matter what pixel ratio the visitor’s screen is. Change the colour of every aspect of your website to suit your original and authentic brand.


In our helpful and beautiful user guides, we’ll show you, step-by-step how to create a brand and you will learn how to use each component of them so you can confidently build your online presence.

Amazing Features


Build and create multiple sophisticated and powerful membership areas with dripped-content functionality. Stream protected files and HTML5 video and audio to your paid members to any device via the Amazon network. Sell online or digital products such as ebooks, software, audio, video and other digital products through our highly-effective membership website software.

Your videos can be protected using the latest technologies, making them almost impossible to download without your permission. Relax in the confidence that your knowledge and expertise is secure.


Sell online or digital and physical products with style with our wonderful online shop creator. Receive payments simply with Stripe, PayPal and other merchant accounts. Gather statistics, process orders and change almost every aspect of your shop’s layout and design to match your website and brand.


There is simply no need to pay large sums of money every month for a third-party app to create landing and sales pages. Create beautiful and impactful landing and sales pages that really convert with our flexible blocks and add opt-in forms or member registration forms or sell all your latest products or services. Simply create elements that integrate with all the leading marketing and online business platforms that get your clients or customers to take action. Create forms with one click and connect to Get Response, AWeber or MailChimp or other services to help you start building an email list effectively.


Analyse the effectiveness and popularity of your website with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Track your entire website or individual pages with Facebook conversion pixels (pixels can be used to track visitors on your website and you can then target these visitors with ads that sell your products on Facebook and other Apps) or any other third-party service by simply adding the relevant code to the head of individual pages directly from your admin area.


Our code is written around Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices so Google will love you. You can also provide one set of metadata (metadata supplies information to search engines and other applications) to Google and a separate set of metadata to social media. This makes it easy to serve one image to Facebook and another image to a different social network allowing you to present your content differently for each specific service.


Going to the admin area for text or design changes can be frustrating and time consuming. To get around this we developed our own Frontend Editor. This unique feature makes editing simple, quick and very tangible, and it eliminates the need to visit the admin area. You will find it impossible to imagine content editing without it.


Enter your domain in your admin area, point your domain to our server and once the DNS has propagated you are ready to go. We are always there to support if you need help with your domain configuration.


Start building an email list with attractive popups that are timed or action-based. Turn off popups or show completely different popups to different kinds of website visitors.


Get a professional email address from your own domain by easily creating email accounts right from your admin area. We also advise you on how to set up these email accounts on your various devices or desktops.


Create beautifully-designed reusable email list signup forms without a single line of code. Integrate your forms with MailChimp, Get Response and other email marketing programmes. As our forms are global you can simply create one and use it anywhere throughout your website.


Add fullscreen video backgrounds, use video sliders and add video to pages at the touch of a button. Stream your videos from Amazon to ensure a great user experience and protect individual videos as required.


Integrate easily with all your social media accounts and get your latest Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ feed on your website.


Shortcodes (convenient shortcuts) for inserting code into pages. We provide an extensive list of the most useful features for a modern website. Shortcodes include Google Maps (for showing your exact geographic location interactively in popups or embedded in the webpage), Bootstrap Grids (for creating different-width columns for your content). Font-Awesome (for adding beautiful icons) to your website. Also provided are margins and spacers that automatically adapt to screen size and add common shortcodes to visual editors for ease of use to help you add shortcodes with just one click.


Receive payments via your website by connecting to Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and many other payment gateways. Automatically calculate Tax and VAT on your products or services. Offer free shipping or flat-rate shipping or define shipping rates for specific countries

Re-ignite THE WISDOM WITHIN you!

Our intention with The Eva Platform is to shine a light on the amazing work being done by entrepreneurs, creatives and service-based businesses all around the world and inspire, support and guide them towards powerful and authentic online presences and on every single step of this precious and life-changing journey.


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