10 Tips for Your Google Search Toolkit

We all know information is important, but having the right information is vital. It’s good to develop Google skills that will help you get the right information in the shortest space of time.

01.  Use the tabs

An obvious one, but often overlooked (even by genius me). Underneath the Google search box are 6 tabs: All, Images, News, Maps, Videos & More. Use these tabs to quickly refine your search results – very handy if you’re only looking for videos or images. You can refine your search further using the colour-coded tabs underneath:

02.  Then use the Tools tab

Also underneath the search box, and to the right, is the Tools tab. Click on this for a really useful set of additional options according to which one of the main tabs is selected. For example, if you’re searching Images, click on the Tools tab and you’ll get further options for: Size, Colour, Type, Time, Usage rights & More tools:


03.  Find similar sites using related:

Enter related: followed by a website address to bring up a list of similar sites. This is great for finding sites similar to your favourite websites, or for finding sites in the same line of business. If you enter related:thejournal.ie you’ll get a list of similar news sites:

04.  Use Set Timer

This is very handy for allocating time for various tasks – and even to remind yourself to take a break every now and then. For example, type set timer for 20 minutes into the search box and press enter to start a 20-minute timer:

05.  Use  to exclude keywords

Using the operator (or hyphen) can be really useful for targeting specific information in your search. For example, I want to learn about the Titanic, but I don’t want anything related to the film. Just enter ‘titanic -film’ for results without any references to the film (or films):

06.  Use Google’s Calculator

Enter calc to open Google’s calculator. You can also enter equations directly into search:

07.  Convert currencies, units & time zones

Similarly, you can convert currencies or units just by entering the request into Google search:

08.  Find Your IP Address

Just enter ip into search to find out IP Address:

9.  Get search results from only one site

Google usually searches all of the internet. But what if you wanted results from just one site? Use the ‘site’ operator. For example, I’m looking for some information on WordPress, but I only want results from css-tricks.com:

10.  Stay logged-in to Google for more relevant search results.

Google’s search results are tailored according to your search history and location, which means you’ll get more relevant and personalised search results as long as you stay signed in with your Google/Gmail ID. If you’re concerned with the amount of personal information that Google can track, read this article to see what Google stores and how you can delete certain search data.

Using Google to get the right information is a vital skill in today’s online world. If you’re starting an online business you’ll be using Google to get information on running a business, looking at your competitors and doing product research. Getting all this information together, while at the same time building a new website can be quite a burden.

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