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Convert your unique knowledge and skills and create online courses, build membership sites & sell products from one platform.

The Eva Platform brings everything together in a beautifully crafted website. Finally create the online community you deserve and leave all the design and technical aspects to us. Simple!

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Ready with your ideas and content for your website and online course, but you don’t have the time to spend getting started? Collaborate with our launch team to get your website, online course or membership site up and running as soon as possible.

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COMPLETE CONTROL: Manage your complete online business from one platform. Have the flexibility to customise any aspect of your website without the need for a developer.

IT’S SO EASY: Start selling your online courses & products today by choosing the right plan for you. With no transaction fees it’s never been simpler. Never again worry about stressful, time-consuming WordPress maintenance or website security, software updates or fiddly templates and plugins.

Your success is our success. You will be working with a professional team of experts with decades of experience in helping clients get the best from their online business.  We will be there from the start to help you create, design and build your website so that you can sell your online courses, membership sites or products.

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on one platform

The Eva Platform is for people who want to create a website and sell online courses, membership sites and sell their products without the stress, expense, time-wasting, overwhelm and confusion that comes with it.

The Eva Platform guarantees the most modern, up-to-date, cutting-edge technology available today. Your site will always enjoy the latest functionality with no extra cost. Finally create and sell what you love with ease and no transaction fees. 

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Real people are using The Eva Platform everyday
to create online courses,  user-friendly membership sites & E-commerce websites.


  • Moira Geary

    Using the Eva Platform has transformed the way I do business. For many years I stressed about the numerous software components needed to build and monetize an online business. The Eva platform is a one-stop shop that includes all components necessary as well as the seamless easy to use blocks and fronted editor that brings your brand to life. Knowing any updates that become available will be installed by the Eva team is priceless and gives me peace of mind knowing my site will always be updated to the current highest standard. The flexibility of the platform as well as the consistent updating by the team makes the stress of needing to invest large sums of money for site overhauls a thing of the past.

    – Moira Geary, The Recombobulator 

  • Deirdre Griffin online Course Creator

    I love The Eva Platform for my website and have found it to be best I have come across. I have tried a lot of different types of website builders – Wix, Squarespace, Divi – none of them have given me the functionality with the ease of use that The Eva Platform gives. The Course Builder is brilliant and isn’t included with most other website builders. Everything is set out to make creating a course or membership site so much easier. The support given is brilliant and so efficient. I can’t wait to have all my websites up and running with The Eva Platform. It will make things a lot easier for me because all the components of my online business will be in the one place with the one payment per month.

    – Deirdre Griffin, Matters of the Heart –

  • Breda Stack, The Declutter Therapis

    Diligent, passionate and highly creative, The Eva Platform understands the depths that an online business and brand needs to reach so it can work for the client. The Eva Platform technology is made as simple as possible with excellent support, and the latest technical advancements are always being mastered so they can be integrated into your online brand in a meaningful way. Updating my online brand through The Eva Platform is such a pleasure – I have the freedom and flexibility I need without needing to rely on anyone else to do things for me. The Eva Platform is highly recommended for any online business that wants to make a real difference.

    – Breda Stack, The Declutter Therapist –

  • Stephen Murray created an online course, Award winning poet and the founder of Inspireland

    The Eva Platform has helped me to develop a website that has elevated my online presence to that of market leader in my field. Since its launch, my sales job has become a far less arduous chore. I am already booked out for next year and have also received numerous enquiries from individuals looking to utilise my services in new markets. This has allowed me to explore and develop new opportunities turning the seasonal nature of my business into one that can operate at a profit 12 months of the year. The Eva Platform is without doubt the best thing that has happened to my business in the ten years it has been running. I have achieved more in the last year than in the combined nine years prior to working with The Eva Platform.

    – Stephen Murray, Award winning poet and the founder of Inspireland 

  • Laurie

    What’s so special about The Eva Platform is that, aside from the cutting-edge and vast set of technical tools for building an online presence, through its “Creative” side you are being empowered to become master of your own online brand and not hand it off as it so often gets lost, misinterpreted or diluted along the way. I have found myself to be truly inspired by the approach taken by brand expert Elaine, it really is game-changing for my brand. If you want to take back control of your brand and create an online presence that continually evolves with your business requirements and personal goals then The Eva Platform simply is your one-stop solution.

    – Laurie Lawler, Founder of Love in Light 

  • Rebecca Atkinson

    I was always daunted by the number of website ‘Add ons’ that seemed to be needed in order to do the jobs it’s meant to do, and being largely self-taught in all things online, hearing about The Eva Platform was like someone running towards me with a big safety net! Indeed working with the team at The Eva Platform has felt like being wrapped up in a soft blanket and gently held and guided through what has,in the past, been a fairly frustrating experience for me. All my online needs are now based on The Eva Platform which makes it so easy and smooth to use, not only for me but for my Clients. Working with The Eva Platform has been an absolute joy and has contributed hugely to my Business going on to a whole new level of professionalism. 

    – Rebecca Atkinson – Homeopathy Gives Wings 

  • Ailish Cleary, The Bump Room

    We decided to use the Eva Platform for a second website to sell an online product. We knew it was going to be an excellent product as Kieran and Elaine had designed another website for us which runs so smoothly.. but the Eva platform is amazing! it looks great, so user friendly for the customer which was very important for our product when it is all online but the best thing is how easy it is to update. We have an educational product so we needed to update regularly with ease which the Eva platform delivers on. Overall my favourite bits are how it looks and the ease of updating for us. It is very empowering too to know you can do it all on The Eva Platform

    – Ailish Cleary, The Bump Room  

  • Mary Kerin built an online course on The Eva Platform

    The Eva Platform has helped make my dreams come true! In recent years I have yearned to transform my work into online programmes, but I had absolutely no idea how I was going to achieve this within the bounds of my experience and budget .. and then along came The Eva Platform. The process of creating my new website and online programmes has been such an enjoyable and positive experience thanks to the exceptional features and support offered by the platform.  At no stage have I felt overwhelmed but rather I’m feeling very empowered and excited to be given the tools to build with ease and control, the online presence of my dreams.

    – Mary Kerin, Natural Health Solutions 


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